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Divers at Vinkeveen Plassen by Michael Topsom

Learn to dive

So you want to learn to dive, in ESSAC we follow BSAC courses to allow you to become a safe, self-reliant, and confident diver who can access the underwater world. A normal progression for a new diver at ESSAC is to complete Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, then Dive Leader qualifications. Other courses are also available from BSAC.

Ocean Diver

Provides you with the core skills to dive to a maximum depth of 20 meters in open water. Under the supervision of a Dive Manager you can dive with a buddy in familiar locations and conditions experienced in your training. Expanding the range of locations and conditions can be done if you are accompanied by a Dive Leader (or higher grade diver). More information about the BSAC Ocean Diver course.

Sports Diver

Broadens the experiences and conditions you can dive in. You will gain more techniques and be able to dive to a greater depth (maximum 35 meters). Using gas mixtures up to 36 per cent nitrox for longer dive times. More information about the BSAC Sports Diver course.

Dive Leader

Gaining the skills to plan and manage dives and mange rescue situations. Extending you maximum diving depth to 50 meters. Allowing more exploratory dives in a wide range of conditions. More information about the BSAC Dive Leader course.

Other levels

You can move on to a variety of other courses to become an Advanced Diver or start learning to instruct other divers. There are also Skills Development Courses for a variety of specialised skills.