ESTEC Swimming and Sub-Aqua Club

Come dive with us

Groyne on Hastings beach by Michael Topsom

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving opens up a wonderful world to experience and explore in a whole new way. ESSAC welcomes new and experienced divers to participate in that world. As a club we enjoy exploring the underwater depths together through regular local diving sessions and international expeditions.

Highly experienced BSAC qualified instructors provide all year round theory lessons and practical training allowing you to confidently and safely access the underwater world.

Please contact us via email at: to learn more about joining ESSAC and associated fees.

BSAC Certification

Members progress through the BSAC certification levels of Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader, and beyond. Members with experience can continue their certification from the equivalent level of BSAC certification. It is also possible to participate in BSAC organized Skills Development Courses for a variety of specialised interests. Further details of the regional, national and international training events, organised by BSAC, can be found in the BSAC website’s training section.

Training and Diving Throughout the Year

Theory lessons are typically held in the ESA ESTEC Training Centre on Sunday mornings, or weekday evenings during the Autumn-Winter. These compulsory lesson provide the technical knowledge and safety training required in preparation for entering the water.

Practical diving skills are progressively learnt and practiced through initial training in the safety of a swimming pool followed by open water sessions. On Saturdays the Sterrenbad swimming pool at Wassenaar is booked by ESSAC between 11:15 and 12:00 for dive training (please arrive at 10.30 to be kitted up and ready to go in the water 11.15!). The Sterrenbad is located at: Generaal Winkelmanlaan 2, 2243 AZ Wassenaar

Diving skills, confidence, and experience are then progressively built through a variety of open water training sessions and fun dives during Spring-Summer at local outdoor Netherland sites, including Vinkeveen Plassen and Zeeland, which are amongst some of the top European diving spots.